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The Get Rollin’ Tour Can Determine Whether Nickelback Actually Sucks

A few months ago when Nickelback was teasing the Get Rollin' album I was talking to a friend in England about the band (hi, Lyndz 👋🏽). She said that in England they are known as a "marmite band" meaning that people either love them or hate them. (It seems like that's the universal take on… Continue reading The Get Rollin’ Tour Can Determine Whether Nickelback Actually Sucks

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Black Tape Project World Finale- NYFW Powered by Art Hearts Fashion

The Black Tape Project, known for its unique and provocative approach to fashion and style, completed its final performance today. The presentation was the conclusion of Art Hearts Fashion's February 2023 New York Fashion Week four-day extravaganza.The performance was a true spectacle, starting with artist Joel Alvarez performing live black tape body art on a… Continue reading Black Tape Project World Finale- NYFW Powered by Art Hearts Fashion

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Vizcarra- New York Fashion Week (Feb 2023)

Be still my heart! The long-term pageant girl in me is way too excited by this collection 😍! How am I supposed to blog about this when I'm at a loss for words and this collection has taken my breath away? Each suite is a sight to behold, most spectacularly. The bold colours and designs… Continue reading Vizcarra- New York Fashion Week (Feb 2023)

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Saskatchewan Fashion Weekend 2022

Last weekend was the annual Saskatchewan Fashion Weekend produced by the Saskatchewan Fashion Association. This year was the first time it was hosted in Saskatoon. I was blessed to work with a wonderful hair and makeup team, walk for three designers, and to meet lovely models and create new friendships 💖 📸: Nathan Regamey Location:… Continue reading Saskatchewan Fashion Weekend 2022

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The Pageant Sit Down (new episode)

I'm very excited to be a guest on the Pageant Sit Down again and I'm proud to represent the Miss Regal World pageant as both a former Miss Regal World queen (2020-21) and now with the lifetime title of Legacy Regal World Queen. Join us on 26 October 2022 on the Pageant Sit Down podcast… Continue reading The Pageant Sit Down (new episode)

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About Last Month…

Last month I had the privilege of modelling in New York Fashion Week again. It was an exciting occasion, especially since I got to reunite with old friends in the industry and make new friends. 💗 The showcase was called Break Free NYFW and it's purpose was to merge mental health with fashion by both… Continue reading About Last Month…

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Miss Regal World Farewell

Oops! It's been five months since my year-long reign as Miss Regal World ended and I haven't shared my farewell video yet. Maybe I forgot. Maybe I've been crazy busy. Maybe I was repressing this bittersweet moment. Or maybe it was all of those things. But better late than never, right? As you may know,… Continue reading Miss Regal World Farewell

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“A Royal Girl Talk” IGTV with Warrior Footprints

On Thursday 14 January 2021 I had the privilege of chatting with Ashley Flowers the founder of Warrior Footprints, an epilepsy nonprofit based in the USA. We had a great hour sharing our stories and talking about anything and everything- epilepsy related or not 😊 You can find me on Instagram @ms.janice_macgregor and Warrior Footprints… Continue reading “A Royal Girl Talk” IGTV with Warrior Footprints