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About Last Month…

Last month I had the privilege of modelling in New York Fashion Week again. It was an exciting occasion, especially since I got to reunite with old friends in the industry and make new friends. πŸ’—

The showcase was called Break Free NYFW and it’s purpose was to merge mental health with fashion by both facilitating discussion and by destigmatizing mental health and drug/alcohol abuse. In fact, part of the proceeds of the showcase went to providing scholarships for people to enter rehabilitation treatment. In short, this was fashion with a purpose! And considering that in-person tickets were completely sold out and the livestream was packed, I’d say that there was a healthy amount of education and enlightenment to fashion-lovers who may not have been previously aware of mental health issues or drug/alcohol abuse not only in the fashion industry but in the general population as well.

The behind-the-scenes brains who conceptualized this showcase and successfully executed it is NYC-based fashion designer/humanitarian/advocate Alexandra Nyman who also showcased her own collection under her label LadyCat. I was privileged to model for her πŸ₯°.

Alex’s collection represented the cyclical nature of mental illness and how multiple emotions can be felt simultaneously. I encourage you to check out her collection on her website. (She does not have a size guide on her website because each piece is individually made to her clients’ specific measurements so as to be fully height and size-inclusive.)

When I put on the brocade dress that I was modelling for LadyCat I instantly felt regal! I felt ready to walk off the runway and on to a red carpet. I felt elegant, but not stuffy. Whaddya know- something that beautiful could actually be comfortable too!

Dress by LadyCat; πŸ“Έ Getty Images/Lee Hatnim
πŸ“Έ Robert MacNeil

The other brand I modelled for was WΓΌ-Sah Swimwear which is Canadian-owned.

Swimsuit by WΓΌ-Sah; πŸ“Έ Getty Images/Lee Hatnim
πŸ“Έ Robert MacNeil

All-in-all, New York Fashion Week was a blast, both from a professional perspective and from a personal perspective. It’s an experience I’ll never forget and that I hope to be a part of in the future πŸ’•

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