Wow, I never imagined I would ever be a Legacy Queen… but here we are šŸ’– In the summer of 2022 I was delighted to have been appointed the lifetime title of Legacy Regal World Queen. It’s the biggest honour of my pageant life and I am committed to using this platform to continue my platform advocacy. Thank you a million times to the Miss Regal World pageant for this honour āœØļø

Winning Miss Regal World 2020/21 has been the highlight of my entire pageant career as it was my first international title! šŸ’– As a Guyanese-Canadian it was especially important to me since I was representing Guyana and that was the first international title Guyana has won šŸ‡¬šŸ‡¾

I’ve been an on-and-off pageant girl since 2007 when I held the title of Miss Saskatoon then Miss Saskatchewan and I competed in Miss Canada 2007. In 2008 I was a national finalist in Miss World Canada. In 2015 I was crowned Ms. of Canada 2015/16. I was International Ms Canada 2018 and when I competed in the International Ms Pageant in NYC I placed in the Top 10 and I won both the Determination Award and Best in Evening Gown. And finally, in 2020 I won Miss Regal World 2020/21 whilst representing Guyana!

Pageant Platform

My pageant platforms are civil rights/anti-racism and epilepsy awareness. Civil rights and fighting racism are things I’m passionate about. As for epilepsy awareness… SURPRISE- I have epilepsy. I know, I know- I “look so normal” and I “don’t look sick” but people with epilepsy look normal because we ARE normal. And people with epilepsy don’t look sick because epilepsy is not visible to the naked eye. My epilepsy journey has been reported on by Epilepsy Canada, the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, Epilepsy Today (published by the International Bureau for Epilepsy) and various pop culture publications.

Pageant Mentoring

When I’m not on the pageant stage I enjoy mentoring other pageant delegates and helping them reach their goals. I’ve coached delegates who have competed in Miss World Canada, Miss Universe Canada, Miss Canada Globe, Miss Petite Canada, and various local preliminaries in the Miss America Organization.