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Black Tape Project World Finale- NYFW Powered by Art Hearts Fashion

The Black Tape Project, known for its unique and provocative approach to fashion and style, completed its final performance today. The presentation was the conclusion of Art Hearts Fashion’s February 2023 New York Fashion Week four-day extravaganza.

The performance was a true spectacle, starting with artist Joel Alvarez performing live black tape body art on a model before they walked back the runway together. Following that was a set of models who rocked the runway, all wearing intricate designs created solely by body tape. Most wore black body tape, some wore black tape with silver studs. A few showed Alvarez’s metallic and vibrant neon colours. After they did their “final walk” Alvarez walk onto the runway, mysterious, his face partially hidden behind the hood of his shirt. Alvarez remained on the runway, standing completely still as a monologue rang through the venue. It was like he was silently soaking in the last moments of the Black Tape Project’s final performance, the end of an era. A robed model walked onto the runway and stood beside him.

Alvarez then created another design in front of the live audience after which the model walked the runway alone. He then put on his jacket and made a dramatic exit from the front of the runway. The lights dimmed.

Was that it? Was the Black Tape Project finished… forever? No, of course not! Dramatic music set the scene as the lights came on and a second set of models strutted the runway. Most wore body jewellery over the tape designs. The jewellery ranged from thin and dainty to bold and dramatic. The dramatic music continued through the rest of the show, as though to emphasize the finality of this production. Both sets of models did their final walk and then reemerged again, this time remaining on the runway for the audience to behold the Black Tape Project for the final time.

The collection itself showcased intricate designs, bold colours, and eye-catching embellishments. Aside from the artistic merit of the collection, the emotion was palpable. Joel Alvarez’s last performance of the Black Tape Project was being witnessed. Often imitated, never duplicated. This is the end.

The Black Tape Project was not everyone’s cup of tea. But whether one likes it, loves it, or hates it, it must be acknowledged that it was groundbreaking. The edgy nature pushed the boundaries of propriety. It’s been both loved and criticized for its avant-garde and unconventional approach to both fashion and live performances. In this, Joel Alvarez’s last performance of the Black Tape Project, he showed his commitment to nonconformity to societal norms and the comparatively tame world of fashion. But as the founder of the body tape fashion genre, Joel left the walls of this genre wide open, allowing himself and his fans to go as far as they dare. What started as a random “I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing” experience lead to a viral clip of a tape project on a former Miss Puerto Rico which then turned into something that allowed him to tour the world and work with countless magazines and A-list celebrities. And tonight, closing Art Hearts Fashion’s NYFW event is a fitting end to an illustrious body tape career. All the best in your future endeavours, Joel!

Joel Alvarez may have completed the final performance of the Black Tape Project but his body tape can be purchased here in a variety of colours.

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