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“Angel Eyes” by Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose’s “Angel Eyes” is a powerful and emotional song about domestic violence and the strength it takes to leave a toxic relationship. The lyrics are raw and honest, and Michelle’s soulful voice delivers them with conviction and passion.

The song begins with her describing how her partner used to make her feel special and loved, but eventually turned controlling and abusive. She sings about feeling trapped and naive, but ultimately finding the strength to leave and become a survivor.

The chorus is a powerful declaration of her newfound strength, as she sings “I’m a survivor now, I’ll rise. You took me down too many times. You tried to play me with your lies. But you can’t fool me anymore, I know the devil behind those angel eyes.”

The verses describe the emotional manipulation and abuse she endured, but she also sings about the pressure she felt to be perfect for her partner, and the realization that she is worth much more than being trapped in a toxic relationship.

The bridge is particularly powerful, as Rose declares that she won’t be trapped with a kiss (manipulative “love”) and that she has finally found herself and is free. This is a message of empowerment and self-love that will resonate with anyone who has experienced a toxic relationship.

Overall, “Angel Eyes” is a moving and powerful song that tackles a difficult subject with honesty and strength. Michelle Rose’s voice is soulful and passionate (with a touch of country!), and the lyrics are sure to strike a chord with anyone who has gone through a similar experience. This song is a testament to the power of music to heal and inspire, and it is a must-listen for anyone who values honesty and vulnerability in their music. Angel Eyes will surely fulfill Michelle’s wishes to raise awareness with those who have not experienced physical or emotional abuse and to inspire those who are or have been in a toxic relationship to see that there is a brighter future ahead and that they deserve that happy and joyful future.

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