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Vizcarra- New York Fashion Week (Feb 2023)

Be still my heart! The long-term pageant girl in me is way too excited by this collection 😍! How am I supposed to blog about this when I’m at a loss for words and this collection has taken my breath away?

Each suite is a sight to behold, most spectacularly. The bold colours and designs are eye-catching and captivating. Each suite has me astonished. Between the variety of colours, there are also some classic white suites. Earrings moved delicately as the models graced the runway, showing the quality craftsmanship behind these bold pieces. Most of the suites are a parure of the most gorgeous set of a coordinating ring, bracelet, and earrings but some parures consist of a subtle ring, smaller earrings, a bold bracelet, and a show-stopping choker necklace. With the ring and earrings stepping back from being the main pieces and the bracelet and choker taking centre stage, these parures are not cluttered or overwhelming.

It’s a marvellous attestation of the designer’s creativity that no two designs were the same. The patterns of the earrings were markedly different, not merely in colour but in design, shape and size. Each suite was a pleasant surprise and left me waiting eagerly to see what was coming next. But one does not need to be a jewellery connoisseur to appreciate the variety of designs and styles in this collection.

Katty Vizcarra, the mastermind designer behind this collection, shows not only a fine understanding of the aesthetic value of jewellery but also how to balance a parure of jewellery. Although the Vizcarra brand is a favourite for pageant delegates, these suites are not just for pageants or for being worn onstage; they are for any time one wants to make a statement. These are pieces for all women across all age ranges to have in their jewellery collection. They are for black tie affairs and any other formal event. With the different suites having different lengths and sizes of earrings, there is a suite for everyone!

Words cannot capture the awe-inspiring beauty of each suite. You’ll simply have to see them yourself! Katty Vizcarra has outdone herself again! Congratulations on another magnificent collection.

Vizcarra’s Instagram

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