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Art Hearts Fashion- NYFW February 2023

The thrill of New York Fashion Week started when the Art Hearts Fashion runways came alive at the Angel Orensanz Center. Only a venue as gorgeous as this one could capture the magic of Art Hearts Fashion’s 10th anniversary as a part of NYFW. And the week started strong, with excitement being felt around the world.

Day 1; Show 1

There were two shows on opening day, this blog will focus on the two designers who kicked off this extravaganza on Thursday 9 February 2023.


Opening the Art Hearts Fashion NYFW spectacular must be intimidating, but Soid Studios successfully tackled this feat! The fashion world was treated to an outstanding show by Soid Studios, with designer Jose Gonzalez showcasing his collection that is sure to set the tone for the upcoming season. The collection was a display of bold, edgy and chic designs, predominantly featuring black faux leather.

The collection was a masterclass in the use of faux leather, with each piece designed to make a statement. From structured jackets to form-fitting tops and long coats, the material was crafted into an array of styles that were both edgy and extravagant. The use of texture- from bold spikes to the fine detailing on the floor-length finale mermaid skirt- was well executed. The collection also included a tasselled miniskirt, bustiers, and fitted low-rise trousers. Angular exaggerated shoulders were a theme in this collection. There was a puffy sleeveless jacket, complimented with long, structured fingerless gloves.

The colour palette for the collection was predominantly black, with pops of beading, bling, and metallic hardware. The overall effect was a fusion of rebellion and sophistication. It was like The Matrix and Cowboy Couture had a baby and raised it with a healthy dose of punk rock.

This collection was exceptional. The designer behind the brand has a unique perspective, and this collection showcases his ability to translate that vision into beautiful, wearable pieces. Jose has taken a faux version of a classic material, leather, and given it a modern twist.

The Soid Studios leather collection is a must-see for anyone interested in fashion. Jose Gonzalez has proven that he is at the forefront of design and innovation, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next!

Soid Studios’ Instagram


Giannina Azar, the acclaimed designer known for her blend of luxurious fabrics and intricate designs, has once again wowed us with her latest collection. Her pieces hinted at the glamour and mystique of the Middle East, resulting in a sultry and sensual display of beauty. The theme of the collection is one of fluidity and femininity, with each garment showcasing the designer’s exceptional craftsmanship.

The collection showcases a variety of elegant floor-length dresses, some of which feature high slits that add a touch of seduction to the look. The designer’s mastery of sheer fabrics is also evident in this collection, with several pieces featuring transparent details that highlight the curves of the female form. The prominent use of gold and silver tones in her designs gives an additional layer of opulence to the collection, and the occasional feathered piece provides an unexpected touch of whimsy. Other delightful surprises were the cloud-like miniskirts and the surprise pops of colour.

In addition to the long, fitted dresses, the collection also includes several flowy dresses that carried a Greek goddess vibe, allowing for a more versatile range of looks. There were some shorter dresses and bodysuits which allow a woman to own her sexuality. Capes were a theme in this collection and were featured in different lengths and styles. They are another standout feature of this collection, providing a dramatic flourish to the outfits. Caped sleeves and shoulder capes were more popular than the traditional cape.

The designer incorporated Middle Eastern touches into her designs, with intricate beading and embellishments that evoke the region’s rich heritage. Whether you’re looking for a stunning gown for a special occasion or a daring, head-turning look for an evening out, this age-inclusive collection has something for everyone.

Giannina Azar’s collection is a breathtaking display of beauty and luxury, combining elegant designs with intricate details and luxurious fabrics. I wonder which of her celebrity clients will be appearing soon in one of the dresses that debuted at Art Hearts Fashion.

Giannina Azar’s Website and Store

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