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Merry Christmas from the Miss Regal World Family!

I (Miss Regal World 2020/21) along with my sister queens Miss Jr. Regal World (Marigold), Miss Teen Regal World (Emily), Ms. Regal World (Urszula), and our pageant director Victoria would like to wish you all a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a happy new year. Please enjoy our brief video message:

Merry Christmas from the Miss Regal World Reigning Queens

To expatiate on my message (which I tried to keep short):

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas! Belated happy holidays to those who recently wrapped up their seasonal holidays such as Diwali, Hannukah or Yule. And happy holidays to those who are looking forward to beginning their holidays such as Kwanzaa! To those who don’t celebrate a seasonal holiday I hope you have a restful and relaxing time off.

For those wondering: The paper crown I’m wearing in my segment of the video is a British Christmas tradition and I’m wearing it as a tribute to the Miss Regal World pageant’s UK roots. My real crown is on the book shelf next to me

About 2021… Let’s remember that things won’t change on the day we put up our new 2021 calendars or upon a certain event such as an inauguration. We, as individuals, need to do our part to bring change in this world. When news fades from our social media or from the news cycle it doesn’t mean that the problem is solved.
– Covid-19 is still a problem even though vaccines are being approved for use. Until enough people are vaccinated to create herd immunity practice physical distancing, wear a mask, and use proper handwashing hygiene.
– Systemic racism and oppression is ongoing in countries around the world.
– LGBTQ+ rights are not recognized in many countries.

At the beginning of 2020 these things got media coverage that has since faded even though the problems remain. Let’s make 2021 the year of change! When individuals do their part and when we organize in SAFE, nonviolent activism our team work can make the dream work.

All the best in 2021. Janice

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