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Unpopular Opinion Game

I saw this circulating and decided to give it a try. The point is to share ten things you dislike that everyone else seems to like. These are the ten things I dislike:

1. Tik Tok

2. Facebook

3. “Reality” TV

4. Entertainment shows (ETalk, Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, etc.)

5. Trying on clothes when shopping. (My objective is to get in and out as quickly as possible.)

6. Guacamole

7. Shows that exploit people for ratings under the guise of helping them (Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, etc.)

8. Using the bus on a pub crawl. It’s fun at the beginning of the night but I’d rather cab with friends than be stuck on a bus with a bunch of drunk people who I don’t know.

9(a). Misuse of the word “literally” and (b). neglect of the Oxford comma

10. Football (CFL and NFL). This is a very unpopular opinion where I live- please don’t break in and kill me while I sleep!!!

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